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Featured Temples

Thevaram is the sacred book of Saivites. This web Page deals mainly with the temples covered in Thevaram.

Thevaram is sung by the 3 nayanmars Appar , Sundarar , Gnana sambandar. Thiruvasagam is by Manikkavasagar. Manikavasagar was a GANDARVA in his previous birth.While shiva was explaining the gandarvas some important theory , he was deviated by a beautiful airplane in the sky and was watching that. Shiva cursed him to take a human birth.The place where this happened is Thiru Uthirakosamangai , near to Ramanathapuram.It is a very famous temple in thiruvaasagam.

Navagraha Sthalangal Map

Navagraha Temples are the temples of the 9 planets.Except temple 1, all are Temples of lord Shiva. Planets are famous there but are not the main deities.
All temples are in thanjavur district

1.Suryan ( Sun ) : Suriyanar koil
2.Chandran ( Moon ): Thingalur
3.Sevvai ( Mars ) : Vaitheeswaran koil
4.Budan ( Mercury ) : ThiruvenKaadu
5.Vyazhan ( Jupitor ) : Aalangudi
6.Velli ( Venus ) : Kanjanur , Sri Rangam
7.Sani ( Saturn ) : ThirunaLLar
8.Raagu : Thirunaageswaram
9.Kedu : Keezha pperumballam , Kalahasti

Ashta Veerattanam Temples Map

Ashta Veerattanams are eight temples where
SIVA showed the power and killed someone. In all these temples siva is called Veerattaneswarar.
Temples 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 are in thanjavur district . 1 , 7 are in south arcot dt

2.Thiruvirkudi,Jalandran samharam
4.Thiruppariyalur,Daksha samharam
5.Vazhuvur,Gajamukasuran vadam
6.Thirukkadaiyur,Yama punished
7.Thiruvadigai,Thirupura samharam
8.kandiyur, Brahma sira kandam

Pancha Sabaigal Map

Temples where Shiva performed Cosmic dance are called Pacha Sabhaigal.Here pancha - 5 , Sabai - Dance hall.

1.Chidambaram ( sky ) - Kanaga sabai
2.Thiruvalangadu ( Gems ) - Rathina sabai
3.Thirukkutralam ( Art ) - Chitra sabai
4.Thirunelveli ( Copper ) - Tamira sabai
5.Madurai ( Silver ) - Rajatha sabai

Sapta Sthaanam Temples Map

These are temples which celebrate the marriage occasion of lord shiva with parvathi. All temples are in thanjavur district


Sapta Vidanga Temples Map

These are temples where a unique idol called Thiagarajar is available along with the main deity.In all these temples siva is called Thiagaraja along with local names.
Here sapta - 7 , Vidangam - dance.
Shivaperformed unique dances in these temples.



Mayanam means cremation ground . SIVA is told to be in mayanams generally. But these following temples are told to have highest spiritual importance. Mayanams here are nothing but temples

1.Kachi mayanam ( kachi in tamil is Kancheepuram)
2.Kazhi mayanam ( kazhi is sirkazhi)
3.Veezhi mayanam ( Veezhi is Thiruveezhimizhalai)
Naalur mayanam ( near kumbakonam )
5.Kadavur mayanam ( kadavur is Thirukkadaiyur )

Panchavaaranya thalangal

Pancha - 5 , Aaranyam,Vanam - Forest

1.Thirukkarugavur - Mullai vanam
2.Alangudi - PooLai vanam
4.Avalivanallur - Paadhiri vanam
5.Thirukkollamboodhoor - Vilva vanam

Pancha Booda Temples Map

Temples which mark the 5 elements of nature are called pancha booda stalangal

1.Chidambaram - sky ( Aakasam )
2.Thiruvannamalai - Fire ( Agni )
3.ThiruVaanaikkaval - Water ( Appu )
4.Kaalahasthi - Air ( Thaeu )
5.ThiruVaroor/Kancheepuram - Land ( Prithivi).

Temples which give Mukthi

Mukthi in sanscrit means divine freedom.

1- Thiruvarur - birth in thiruvarur gives mukthi
2- Kasi ( Varanasi )- death in kasi gives mukthi
3- Chidambaram - Visit and worship in chidambaram gives mukthi
4- Thiruvannamalai - Thought of Thiruvannamalai gives mukthi

Magnificent Temples

Temples not sung by nayanmars but famous for their architectural splendour.Temples 1,2,3 in tanjore district . 4 in perambalur dt . All 4 have the same architecture.

1.Thanjai Big Temple
2.Dharasuram near kumbakonam
3.Thirubhuvanam near kumbakonam , famous for the silk sarees
4.Gangai konda chola puram .

Temples at par with KASI.

1.Sri vanjiyam near kumbakonam
2.ThiruvenKaadu near sirkazhi
3.Chayavanam -do -
5.Thiruvaiyaru - 13 kms from Thanjavur
6.Thiruvidaimarudur - near kumbakonam

Temples containing temples.

Temples which have two main deities , ie 2 paadal petra kolgal inside are

1.ThiruMeeyachur ( Thirumeeyachur , Thirumeeyachur Ilangoeyil ). 13 kms from Mayiladuthurai.
2.Thiruppughalur ( Thiruppughalur , Thiruppughalur Vardamaneecharam). 25 kms from Mayiladuthurai.
3.Thiruvaroor ( Thiruvaroor , Thiruvaroor Araneri ).

Temples with Speciality

Thanjai Periya koil (Big Temple) Go to the temple

Thanjai periya koil , one of the Architectural splendors of south india ,is located 316 kms from chennai , the capital of tamil nadu . Thanjavur is connected by bus and trains .. It is called the granery of south india .
Tanjore big temple has
-Biggest Lingam
-Biggest Nandhi
-Tallest Vimanam ( the tower that rises from the sanctum )
-its towers shadow never falling on the ground

ThiruNallaru - Sani planet is famous in Thiru Nallar but actually an equally important but neglected sani sannadhi is in Thirukollikkadu temple near Thiruvarur and Thiruvalanchuzhi near kumbakonam.

Thittai - Jupitor ( Vyazhan , GURU ) planet is famous in Aalangudi but an equally important but unknown Jupitor sannadhi is in Thitte temple near Thanjavur.. This temple has a mechanism by which a stone on the Gopuram absorbs atmospheric moisture , converts it into water droplets and makes it fall on siva s body .The stone is called CHANDRAKANDAM. 3 kms from thanjavur.

Kanjanur - In Kanjanur which is the place of planet Velli ( Sukkiran or Venus ) , there is actually no seperate sannidhi for velli but the Shiva himself has Velli incarnated into him .

Avinashi - The Town which has got the fame that it will never be devastated at all times inspite of natural calamities is Avinashi . A + Vinasham ( vinasham means devastation ) ,A+vinasham -> never can be destroyed . The fame is due the Avinashiappar temple located there.

Chidambaram - The grace of all the siva's in all temples is told to converge at Thiru Moola nathar lingam of Chidambaram temple . Nataraja is famous here .One among the pancha boodha sthalams and also a sabai.Kanaga sabhai.

Sirkazhi - Temple has got the highest number of songs ( more than 70 'Padigangal' ). It has 3 deities , all SIVA's in 3 tiers
1.Brahmapureeswarar , 2. Thoniappar , 3. Sattanaathar

Nallur - Temple has a speciality where the stone deity takes 5 colors everyday. 10 kms from kumbakonam.

Thirukkarugavur - temple is famous for "Garbharakshambigai" (parvathi) where it is believed that worshipping the deity would cause smoother delivery.

Thirunageswaram - where at the time of RAGHU KALAM , the milk poured on RAGHU , one of the nine planets turns blue.Sekkizhar did the Arangettram( Staging ) of his "Periya puranam" in Thirunageswaram temple.

Aavudaiyar koil - The SIVA LINGAM is divided into 2 parts structurally . They are
1.the base which is called "AAVUDAI" , 2. the top cylindrical shape or "LINGAM"
In a place called Aavudaiyar koil about 3 hours journey from madurai the siva doesnt have the top lingam ..

Thiruppurambiyam - There is a Vinayagar statue here in this temple near kumbakonam.It absorbs as much as 1 ton of Honey which is poured as abhisheka on the day of vinayagar chaturthi.No other abhisheks are performed to that on any other day.only honey is the abhishek liquid.

Kumbakonam - No abhishekam is done for Aadi kumbeswarar ( main deity in Kumbeswarar temple ) since it is created using sand with Amirtham" ( sacred liquid of gods ). Puranas say that Kumbakonam is the first town on earth after a total devastation which is called Pralayam. Mahamaham which is celebrated here once in twelve years marks this incident.Kumbakonam is considered to be of greater spiritual value than Kashi

ThiruMeeyachur - This temple has two temples in it. 2 thevara padal petra thalangal. Lalitha sagasranamam is told to have originated from here since the goddess here is Lalithambigai.

Miscellaneous Features seen in some temples

Certain Temples are called Yanai Eera koilgal meaning that they can't be climbed by elephants . some of them are
6.Ambar (Ambal)
7.Thiru Veezhi Mizhalai

Vaipu Thalangal

Temples which are sung by the one or more of the 3 nayanmars but not visited by them. The regular temples are sung and visited by them.
Thingalur( chandran temple )
Vazhuvur ( one among the ashta veerattanam )

Temples where Vishnu worshipped shiva

1.Thiruveezhi mizhalai

Temple where Brahma worshipped shiva


Shiva Ratri

Shiva Ratri is a very good day to pray Shiva. The divine grace will be at its high if is observed from the following 4 temples
1.Thiruvaikavur ( 6 kms from kumbakonam )
2.Thirukokarnam ( near mangalore )
3.Sri sailam (A.P)
4.Thiruveezhimizhalai ( 15 kms from kumbakonam approx )

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