Sivaambigai Samaetha SwarnaPureeswarar temple, Aandaar Koeyil

Aandaar koeyil is a quaint village about 3 kms from valangaimaan in thanjavur district of tamir nadu. it is around 14 kms from kumbakonam. People visiting Aalangudi ( Guru Sthalam ) should visit this beautiful temple situated on the south banks of kudamurutti river.

temple layout

Raajagoepuram has 5 stages. A beautiful pond is on the left side before the entrance. Vinaayagar and Murugan sannidhis are on both sides. Kodi maram , Nandi and Bali Peedam are present once you enter. On the left all vaahanas are present inside a gated mandapam. The level where the gods are situated is a couple of feet higher than the temple level. God and Goddess are at an even higher ground. We could see people growing vegetables on the south prakaram. Thirisoola gangai is the name of the temple pond.


worshipped by Kaashyapa rishi.

Kandadevar, the minister of chora king Muchkunda was travelling through the place, he felt tired and slept. However, since he did not wish to have dinner without having a darshan of Shiva, he had to go hungry. Shiva appeared in his dream and pointed out he would appear to his devotee at a nearby location. Kandadevar found a shivalinga at the prescribed spot and built a temple there with stone and mortar collected from passers-by. When Muchkunda came to know of this, he charged Kandadevar with extorting his subjects and beheaded him. However, later Muchkunda realised his folly and tried to kill himself. At that instant, Shiva appeared before him and restored the minister to life.

state of the temple

i visited the temple many years ago. An old priest was serving the temple out of voluntary interest and was getting a feeble amount as salary. Even that was due. These temples dont have enough money to perform daily rituals or to say the least to light up deepams. Visiting these temples which are at least a couple of thousand years old would be great service to oneself and the community.

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