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of all vishnu kshethrams , 108 are most important to vaishnavites coming from a tamir nadu background. they are known as vaishnava dhivya desams.

  • 106 are in this world and the remaining 2  vaikuntam and parama padham are heavenly.
  • these are sung by the 12 aalwars. 
  • the only dhivya desam to be sung by all 12 aarwaars is srirangam and is the predominant one. 
  • most dhivya desams are in chora nadu , ie the delta districts of thanjavur , thiruvarur and nagappattinam. 
  • most dhivya desams in an town / city area is kanchipuram with 14.
  • most dhivya desams in a small village is thiru nangoor near sirkaari with 7 in a 2 km radius. 
  • thirumayam perumal is bigger than srirangam perumal

the below thumbnail slideshow has them captured by location so visiting can be easy.

map detail like locality etc can be found at the bottom of each map.

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