ganapathy agraharam

ganapathy agraharam is a village on the northern banks of cauvery river situated on kumbakonam – thiruvaiyaru road in thanjavur district of tamir nadu.

ganesha here is said to have been installed by sage agasthiya muni. worshipped by kargya rishi and gouthama as well. kanchi periyavar describes this lord as being older to thiruvalanjuzhi vinayaka.

the lord here has planet shani underneath him so people with  shani dosha worship here to get rid of their shani troubles. 

owing to the importance of the god here , none of the houses in the village have significant ganesha idols in their homes or perform pujas separately in their homes. they all come here with their prasadams to celebrate festivals as a whole.

vinayaka chathurthi is celebrated in grand fashion. 

also pictured is perumal temple in the vicinity.

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