guru peyarchi

guru or jupiter is a benefic planet in our solar system. it takes 12 years for guru (jupiter) to complete its visit to all 12 zodiac signs. this transit is known as guru peyarchi.  if you remember , the 360 degree sky is split into 12 parts of 30 degrees with each one named a rasi. mesham is first and meenam is last.

in each house it stays for about one year. the movement of guru from one house to another house is called guru peyarchi or jupiter transit.

jupiter or guru rules over one’s marriage, children, wealth and fortune.  depending on him being in good or bad  place in the zodiac  , guru brings happiness in life or  untold sufferings.

there are plenty of videos in youtube on guru peyarchi and magazines are dedicated for this event. owing to discrepancies and lack of knowledge in this area , i cannot prescribe any.

but there are 3 guru sthalams in tamir nadu that i can point you to ! namely  

  1. alangudi near kumbakonam  , where dakshinamurthy takes the role of supreme guru
  2. thittai near thanjavur , where guru comes in his native form alone &
  3. thiruchendur where the mighty senthilandavar takes the role of gnaana guru himself 

wish you a good guru peyarchi !!! has it occurred to anyone else ??!!

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