couples longing for a child should visit this lesser known temple called akilandeswari sametha agastheeswarar temple in karuvalarcheri.  it is a small village about 8 kms from kumbakonam in tamir nadu. karuvalarcheri is 3 kms to the east of marudhanallur , a thevara padal petra sthalam which is located on kumbakonam – mannargudi road.


karu = foetus or embryo , valar = to grow , cheri = place.
karu + valar + cheri = the place which helps form foetus or embryo.

it is said that sage agasthiyar came to this place with his wife lopa mudhra and worshipped the god who gave him his marriage darshan. this legend is also associated with a lot of temples in thanjavur district as well as thirunelveli & nagercoil districts.

the goddess is said to have formed as a swayambu from putru meaning a sand hill. likewise she blesses childless couple with forming a foetus it is said.

shiva is known as agastheeswarar since agasthiyar worshipped and goddess akilandeswari  is waiting to bless couples with probably the biggest wealth they can imagine. a child .

although thirukkarugavur is a more famous cousin ! legend has it that it aids in the safety of the entire child birth process whereas karuvalarcheri is the place to aid in the inception.

this makes it the first temple to visit.

tamir text  from the sthalapuranam book is attached below as images so you can know about the procedure.

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