karuvalur mariyamman

karuvalur mariyamman temple , avinashi 

the name karuvalur comes from the legend of avinashi about 8 kms away.

sundharamurthy nayanmar prayed to shiva to bring back the dead child which was eaten by crocodile years ago in the temple pond of avinashi.

shiva answered his prayer and this is where the black clouds formed which eventually turned into heavy rain and filled avinashi temple tank. then the crocodile came and spit the child it ate many years ago. 

in tamir , black clouds are referred to as a pregnant clouds ready to quench the thirst of earth with divine showers.. karu means womb and since it is where such clouds were formed , the village came to be known as karuvalur.

a very powerful mariyamman , locals say. she cures all kinds of chicken pox and other diseases …

karuvalur is 42 kms from coimbatore and 24 kms from thirupur

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