koppudaiya nayagi amman karaikkudi

situated in the centre of the karaikkudi, koppudaiya nayagi amman temple is very popular amongst locals.  the temple is surrounded by market and the temple tank is right next to it.

koppudaiya nayagi and kattamma were sisters. the former had no children while the later had seven. koppudaiya nayagi was very fond of her sister’s children but kattamma wasnt very forthcoming as in those days ( even these days ) , issueless woman werent seen as auspicious. she would hid the children.  koppudaiya nayagi became angry with this repeated habit and cursed kattamma and kids to become stones. 

they were said to live a few furlongs away from the temple. 

koppudaiya nayagi then did thapas and merged with god.  owing to her final state before the union with god , it is said that she was a uggra dhevi ( meaning an angry deity ) with  weapons soolam and paasam.  since people couldnt afford or tolerate the fiery nature , adhi shankarar installed sri chakra to pacify her.  she became very merciful and blesses devotees who come to her. amman is a small beautiful idol.

this temple has a uniqueness where the deity in sanctum sanctorum is also the one taken for procession. this is seen only in one other temple , the chidambaram natarajar temple.

poo choridhal and sevai viraa in the tamir month of chithirai are celbrated in a grand fashion.

this is a 500 year old temple known to fulfil every wish , koppudaiya naayagi temple is a must see.


other nice temples in the vicinity are

  1. nagarathar sivan temple about 400 meters in the street leading stright from the temple
  2. yoga saneeswarar temple , a temple only for shani next to the shivan temple
  3. 108 pillayar temple , next to shani temple
  4. amman temple across the street from nagarathar temple
  5. hanuman and murugan temple next to 108 pillayar temple

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