koranattu karuppur is a small village just outside of kumbakonam on the kumbakonam – madras highway. sits on the cauvery river bank.

a very old temple worshipped by kuberan , this shiva temple is actually famous for its  ‘petti kali amman”.petti means a box. it is said that around 200 years , a wooden box came floating on the cauvery river with a kali amman statue with head to hip only. some legend associates this kaali with that of ujjain itself.

the instruction was such that the box should be opened only on raagu kalam and worshipped then. it is opened on tuesdays , fridays and sundays only.

it is so fierce that men who shaved that day cant go to temple on that day , pregnant woman and women who took a head bath.

people with raagu- kethu dosham and puthra dosham and affected by witch-craft throng this temple to be relieved from their curses and doshams on raagu kaalam on those aforementioned days. 

a neglected temple otherwise and needs a lot of visitation.


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