krishnapuram anjaneyar

krishnapuram anjaneyar temple is in a small village adjacent to the town kadayanallur in thirunelveli district of tamir nadu. it is about 15 kms from thenkasi/kutralam water falls.

one should take the railway feeder road , cross the kadyanallur station and go a km to find this temple amidst beautiful paddy fields.


when hanuman was on the lookout for seetha , him and the rest of the vanara ( monkey ) sena was dying of thirst and found a cave from which swans and other birds were flying out drenched in water. when they entered the hole they found an old woman doing penance. she identified herself as swayampraba

swayamprabha fed the vaanara sena with food and water and took care of them very well and told the story about the cave.

in her words “once mayan the architect fell in love with hema, a divine woman and had her captured in this cave. naradha rishi told this story to indra and indran killed mayan to abduct hema. cursed with brammahathi , indran requested shiva who let ganga flow into the cave. cauvery came as well due to sage agasthiyar.

holy bath in the rivers cured indran of his brammahathi.

i was told maruthi will be here one day , you can hand over this place to him and go to devalokam.”

i am very blessed at seeing you and my time has come to leave earth.  saying this , swayampraba then left for the heavens.

maruthi said he wont be here until the pattabishekam of rama. he participated in rama pattabishekam in ayodhya and with rama and seetha came to the cave and is told to be here ever since.

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