krupa vibhuthi

vibhuthi, or holy ash as the name suggests is normally made from cow dung with a few other natural ingredients to it. unfortunately commercial interests have made it mostly a chemical product with no traditional methods followed.

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because the vibhuti represents the ashes one’s body is turned into after their stay on earth, the applying of vibhuti reminds one constantly of his mortality.

vedas say,

lalaata shoonyam smashaana tulyam”,which means that “an empty forehead is comparable to a cemetery”.

no karma is to be performed without vibhuti.

in sanskrit, bhoothi means aishwaryam, meaning wealth, treasure, precious. vi-bhoothi with an upasarga (preposition “vi”) means very or more valuable.

we @ believe vibhuthi which is of great religious/scientific value must be presented to the buyer in its original form. it is our earnest interest to provide you with real / unadulterated vibhuthi prepared as per traditional ways following ardent , pious methods. it is not just organic but also activated with vrajaa homam or sung thevaram hymns. 

more importantly , a portion of the proceedings go towards helping goshalas.

krupa vibhuthi is made from cow dung obtained only from country cows mixed with rice husk and a herb known as ‘thiru neetru pachai’ on sivarathri days ( which occur every month ) reciting thevaram hymns and left to simmer for more than 10 days until the the ingredients are processed as sputam ( slow heating )  to ash.

no artificial fragrance or chemical added to it.

benefits of applying vibhuthi

• keeps the evil forces away ,
• cleanses the body of unwanted water and
• takes one up in the spiritual stratum.

how it is prepared ?

• on monthly shivarathri day ,dried cow dung cakes from country cows are arranged for sputam (burning)
• rice husk used as fuel
• thiruneetru pachai herb is added 
• left to burn and then simmer for at least 10 days
• the collected ash is sieved to obtain a finer texture
• thevaram hymns are sung or vrajaa homan performed to vitalise the bhaspam 

how to apply vibhtuhi

• generally vibhuti is to be worn damp, after making it into a paste. but when we get swami prasada in temples and other places we should apply it as it is, dryly.
• after applying vibhuti paste, you should not wash the hands but cleanse it by applying the remnant on other parts including legs and hands.

thevaram praises vibhuthi as such a thing that takes one to the divine itself.

திருஞானசம்பந்தர் தேவாரம்

சிவந்த பவளம் போன்ற வாயினை உடைய உமைபங்கன் ஆகிய திருவாலவாயில் எழுந்தருளியிருக்கும் சிவபிரானது திருநீறு, மந்திரம் போல நினைப்பவரைக் காப்பது. வானவர் தம் மேனிமேல் பூசிக்கொள்ளப்படுவது. அழகு தருவது. எல்லா நூல்களாலும் புகழப்படுவது. ஆகமங்களில் புகழ்ந்து சொல்லப்படுவது. சிவமயத்தில் நிலைத்துள்ளது.

may the divine krupa surround and bless us ….

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