swayambu shani bhagavan , kuchanur

kuchanur village is located in uttamapalaiyam taluk near chinnamanur in theni district of tamilnadu. it is in a very picturesque location.

kuchanur saneeswaran temple is located on the banks of a primary canal of suruly river.

saneeswara bhagavan here is a swayambhu and it is said to be growing so a turmeric paste is applied to to inhibit the growth.

kuchanur is one of the famous temples for saneeswara bhagavan after thirunallar and thirukollikadu.

legend says that saneeswara bhagavan got his brahmahathi dosham cured here and graces devotees with various benefits.

it is said that the sani dosham will be cured by worshipping the lord here.

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