nerur sadhasiva brahmendrar


nerur sadhashiva brahmendrar adhishtanam / jeeva-samadhi.

nerur is a small village about 12 kms from karur on the banks of cauvery. town buses ply at least once every 30 minutes from karur.

a brahma jnaani , sadashiva left his home in search of truth. after taking sannyasa, he is said to have wandered around, naked or semi-naked, and often in a trance-like state.

sadhashiva brahmendrar is a contemporary of sridhara ayyaval of thiruvisanallur who brought ganga on aadi-amavasya day into his well and bodhendra saraswathi , a shankaracharya of kumbakonam mutt.  a bunch of of classmates whose caliber  the world will never see again may be ???

he is said to have attained enlightenment or worshipped at 4 other places. they are 

  1. omkareswar on the banks of narmadha 
  2. manamadhurai on the banks of vaigai 
  3. karachi on the banks of sindhu ( yup , the karachi in pakisthan !! )
  4. kasi on the banks of ganga

his jiva samadhi site is briefly mentioned in ‘autobiography of a yogi’ by paramahamsa yogananda….

sadhasiva brahmendra’s samadhi is a very serene place to do meditation and kasi viswanathar temple is in the front. 

ramakrishna paramahamsar , guru of vivekanandha says about sadhasiva brahmendra that, he couldnt figure the naked man that comes to him once in a while playful  but felt supreme state of consciousness when he came around…..

never miss this place which also has a very old agneeswarar temple and thirumukkoodalur a few kms south which is at the junction of cauvery and amaravathi rivers.

more available on the net..

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