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krupa chandanam is sandalwood powder of purest quality without any chemicals , refinements or additives. it is best suited for abhishekams , wearing , medicinal purposes and other devotional purposes.     

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chandanam ( chandan in hindi & sandalwood in english ) is a well known tree known to south india for its excellent aromatic flavor. chandan is revered spiritually and is used in pujas and abhishekams. the powder is worn on forehead and upper body for spiritual reasons. it is very famous in the mysore belt of karnataka where most trees are.

pure chandanam is quiet expensive and hence commercially available chandan pills use chemicals to bring down cost heavily. 

krupa chandanam is sandalwood powder of purest quality without any chemicals or additives. it is best suited for wearing for devotional purposes.  while it also sees heavy use in cosmetic industry ( excellent skin purifier/cleanser ), that is not what we are intending here.  the skin cleaning and purifying aspects of chandan are very well known and documented elsewhere.  ours is not to be confused with chandan face pack or anything like that although it can be used there as well.

krupa chandanam is 

  • 100% pure , best quality 
  • readies the mind for meditation
  • uplifts the mood

once again we @ templepages want to bring to you chandanam in its purest form devoid of any chemicals so you get to enjoy the benefits of this divine fragrance to its fullest.


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