sambrani superior crystals 100 gms


ayurveda, advises us to use sambrani, as it

  • calms the nerves
  • replaces the bad vibes in the area
  • helps create a tranquil state


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sambrani ( lobaan in hindi, gum benzoin in english ) is a gum that occurs naturally in a tree known as boswellia serrata which grows in india one cannot commercially obtain huge quantities of this resin and hence it is mixed with other natural ingradients such as kungiliyam. krupa sambrani is a pure form of the gum.

as with every product, commercial interests have mostly reduced it to a heap of chemicals

we @ templepages want to bring to you sambrani in its purest form devoid of any chemicals so you get to enjoy the benefits of this divine fragrance to its fullest.

our ancestors have used this natural incense with a soothing effect for millennia so why use chemical loaded incense sticks when we can leverage ancient wisdom in sambrani ?

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