shiva temples maps for shivarathri and beyond ! 

mahaa shivarathri as the name signifies is the greatest night of shivarathri.  it occurs on the panguni month or sometimes , maga month.  this year it occurs on monday, 4th  march , 2019.
shivarathri does occur every month on the day before the full moon and is called ‘maadha shivarathri’ meaning monthly shivarathri.
many legends are associated with this day.
it is said that this is the night when shiva took the poison to save the world.  shiva is considered the yogi of all yogis aka mahaa yogi or aadhi yogi.
to reap the fullest benefits of the day , one would fast the whole day and night and be awake all night and chant as many mantras as possible so that the benefits multiply many million fold. 
templepages is glad to provide these maps to help devotees plan their trips from towns nearby and cover as many temples as they can during the night. 
we @ templepages visit a lot of ancient, important temples on the night of shivarathri and anyone interested is welcome to join. our trip starts mostly from kumbakonam or mayavaram and pilgims can just tag along.
please click on a location and the map opens

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