siddeswaran malai

Siddeshwaran malai is a very small temple on top of Palamalai reserve forest near mettur in salem district tamir nadu. One can trek to the mountain top from Nerinjipettai on the mettur Bhavani road or drive upto 60% of the mountain on a 4 wheel only mud track from the other side of the mountain from a foothill village called kannamoochi or from guruvareddiyur. While doing the drive which takes a good 1 hour for 10 kms , another 4 kms of trekking needs to be done.

Nearby Town : Mettur
Railway Station : Mettur
Contact Details : Not Available

Architecture and Temple layout

A very small temple perched atop the tallest point of the mountain , siddeswaran koil has a small shivan sannidhi and some thrishulams pinned to a concrete block opposite to the temple. no compound wall or anything of its kind

Views from the mountain top temple are breathtaking. one can see the town of mettur along with the entire catchment area of mettur dam , nearby towns of idappadi , jalakandapuram , andhiyur , bhavani and kolathur.

beautiful cauvery river flows on one side of the mountain adjacent to mettur-bhavani-erode bus route.


Temple legend aka Sthalapuranam

It is said that about 700 years ago, a villager belonging to the native tribe came up to the mountain top in search for kizhangu ( edible root ) and dug the ground with an iron rod.

He by mistake was hitting a shivalingam and spontaneously lost his eyesight. knowing that he has hit something divine he prayed to shiva to get his eyesight back. It is said that he got his eyesight back when the lord ordered him to create a temple to worship.

The mark is still seen on the deity and also on the Nandhi. Villagers here have a belief that when they apply ghee to the nandhi where the mark is and if it turns yellow , it marks bad times ahead. whereas if the ghee or butter retains the original color, everything will be good.


Festivals and Other details

This temple is open only on saturdays.

A priest from the nearby foothill village guruvareddiyur performs the rituals.

Chitra pournami, shivarathri and other festive days for shiva are when the temple is open.

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