thandanthottam is a small village about 12 kilometres to the south of kumbakonam near iyyavadi and ragu sthalam thirunageswaram.

this is where lord shiva gave pradosha dance darshan to 33 crore devas so this place is called thiru thaandava thottam which eventually became thandanthottam.

this temple was worshipped by agastya muni, indhiran, patanjali munivar and chandran.

according to an old legend agastya munivar who was unable to witness parvathi parameshwara wedding requested lord to give him darshan on a pournami vishakha nakshatra date in this location.
he also requested the lord to help devotees overcome obstacles if they worship this temple.
also he requested that is the lord here worshipped should give them an effect equivalent to that of worshipping kailash parvat itself.

the lingam worshipped by agasthiyar called agastheswara and is directly opposite to the lord.
the lord is called narthana pureeswarar. this temple is attributed to vishakha nakshatram.

moreover people facing obstacles in the form of getting a good job, marriage, attaining wealth, being blessed with the children & education can worship the lord here to be blessed with those.
it is said that someone who is meditating in this sandhi will hear agastya munivar approving in the form of a lizard ( kavuli ).

thandanthottam was built in the 9th century and built by pallavas.

the nataraja murtham was stolen from this temple in 1972.

during the time of vaikasi visakam, marriage celebration of the lord happens here.

thandanthottam is sung in sundar thiru naattu thogai and is a thevara vaipu sthalam.

temple is open from 9 to 10:30 am and from 5 to 7 in the evening.

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