sri veera kothanda rama swamy temple , thillaivalagam

thillai valagam is a small hamlet about 20 kilometres from thiruthuraipoondi near east coast road on the southern thanjavur district. the village is 6 kms from nearby railway station muthupettai.


this is the place where bharadwaja rishi welcomed lord rama on his way back from sri lanka after defeating ravana.

lord rama wanted to notify his brother bharata about his return immediately so that he would not enter fire as he promised if rama did not returned from his exile immediately after 14 years. 

so to hurry up, lord rama summoned hanuman and told him to reach ayodhya at once to inform bharataabout his return while he could seek the blessings of the great rishi bharadwaja. this is why the hanuman in the temple can be seen with his hands to his mouth obligingly listening to his master.

anjaneyar here is said to be a varaprasadhi. vadai maalai archanai is said to benefit a person immensely and relieves from all troubles. 


about hundred and fifty years ago when people of the locality wanted to create a pond , they dug up land nearby and found panchaloka idols of rama lakshmana,hanuman and sita. the idols were installed within natarajaswamy shiva temple premises which was already present in the village.

hence the name thillai valagam. the name thillai represents nataraja swamy , the presiding deity of the shiva temple and valaagam in tamir means premises. colloquially it is known as thillaivilaagam with an ‘i’.

the panchaloka idols are very sharp that one can see the green veins on the legs of rama.

nearby famous temples are thiru-ushaaththaanam , kadikkulam and idumbavanam , all 3 shiva temples sung in thevaram.

temple timings & contact details

temple is open between 8:30 am – 12:30 pm and 5 pm – 8:15 pm.

priest :- chakravarthy bhattacharyar or kothandarama bhattar
phone :- 04369 245725

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