annapoorani sametha oedhanavaneswarar temple , thiruchotruthurai

thiruchotruthurai is  a small village 4 kms east of kandiyur on kadiyur – ayyampettai road in thanjavur district. it is one of the famous saptha sthaana sthalam. 

a big temple for a small village. the outer prakaram is filled with coconut trees and it is not advised to walk in that. images will give you a clear picture of the temple layout. the temple is open in the morning hours only as visitation is very less. devotees must inform the priest beforehand if they are going in evening.

priest’s number 994 388 4377


worshipped by indran , gowthama rishi and sooryan.

in the saptha sthanam heritage , this temple is where the devotees are given anna dhanam or choeru in tamir. it literally translates into the village name thiru chotru thurai , the place where food is served. the real meaning however is that the lord gives fuel to the inner quest and guides them to mukthi.

an actual story is here to back this up. a devotee by name arulaalan was given the boon that the vessel he used would ever give food to devotees. a field here is said to be the one where the goddess annapoorani provided food to people. it exists even today known as ‘annam itta vayal’. 

gouthama rishi prayed to god during a draught time so for the entire 12 year duration , the fields provided rice directly instead of paddy. he used it to do anna dhanam. a small culvert named ‘chorudaiyan vaaikkal’ flows to the south of the village to reinforce the legend.

sung by all the  3 thevaram saints , thiruchotruthurai dates back to about 1600 years. it must have existed before that. cauvery flows to the north of the temple. 

other temples which form the saptha sthanam heritage are kandiyur , thiruvedhikudi , thiruvaiyaru , thirupparanam , thiruppoondhuruthi and thillaisthanam . 

the tamir sthalapuram is provided below as an image slideshow.

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