uyyavandha perumal / anju moorthy  temple , thirumittacode

thirumittacode is a beautiful temple located about 4 kms south of pattambi near shoranur in kerala. it is one of the 108 divya desam temples. 

it is situated on the shores of bharathapuzha river.

from pattambi after crossing the river take a left on a board that says nhangattiri bhagavathy temple and go 3 kms to find this beautiful temple on the river bank

nearby town : pattambi

railway station : pattambi

contact details : mobile – 98954 03524

architecture and temple layout

a medium sized temple with a central sanctorum consisting of a shiva sannidhi and the main deity uyyavandha perumal. upon entering one would find a ganesha and dakshinamurthy sannidhi. then scattered on the prakarams are small sannidhis worshipped by the various 5 pandavas.

then are steps leading to the bharathapuzha river.

temple legend aka sthalapuranam

vishnu appeared here to give darshan to king ambarisha.

this place has its main story associated with the pancha pandavaas.

while in agjnadha vasam ( exile ) pandavas found this place very secluded and beautiful on the banks of the bharathapuzha river.they would stay here to perform penance. they installed 5 vishnu idols for worship. the one by arjuna decorates the sanctum sanctorum.

other installations by the remaining 4 pandavas adorn the prakaras.

this temple also is graced by shiva. a long time ago it is said that a sage went from here to kasi and shiva came with him back hiding in his umbrella. when the sage kept his umbrella and went for shower , the umbrella disappeared to become a shiva lingam. it is said that lord shiva himself came to be here with the 5 pandavas.

this temple is also called anju moorthy sthalam meaning that it is a place with 5 idols.

performing rites to the ancestors called tarpanam in sanskrit is considered very sacred in this place as lord kasi viswanatha is also present here with vishnu. it is similar to thirunavaya nava mukundha temple in that regard. there is a board written in malayalam regarding this.

kulasekara azhvar sung in praise of the lord here.

in old tamir times , this place is called thiru vithuvakkode. now it is called thirumittacode. nobody understands thiruvithuvacode.

vaikunda ekadashi and thiruvonam are celebrated here in a good manner.

temple is open from 5 to 10.15 am and then from 5 to 7.15 pm

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