bhoomi balaka perumal temple , thiruppulingudi ; nava thiruppathi ; 108 divya desam

thiruppulingudi is a village on the northern banks of tamrabarni river about 3 kms from srivaikuntam and about 35 kms from thiruchendur on thirunelveli – thiruchendur road.

there is a board near the bus stop which reads kaaisini veyndha perumal temple and just follow the board.  thuthukudi is 36 kms from here.


perumal is called as bhoomi balaka perumal , urchavar is called kaaisini veyndha perumal .

bhooma devi , after waiting for a long time for vishnu to come to her did not see that happening since he was having a good time with lakshmi. angered , she went to pathala lokam. it is said that vishnu went to pathala loka to console and get her back. then both the consorts gave darshan together to deities.


vasishta rishi’s son shakthi rishi cursed a brahmin by name yagnasarma to be a asura since the latter did not respect the rishi. when yagna sharma asked for relief , shakthi said when indran comes to this place for penance , you will bother him. at that time vishnu will come to destroy you. when you are hit with his gatha , you will be cured . 

as forecasted , the story happened at a latter time and yagnasharma got cured of his curse. 

there could be other sthala puranams but we dont know much as of now.

budhan ( mercury ) sthalam in the nava thiruppathi temples.  it is also revered as one of the 108 divya desam temples in vaishnavite tradition.

nammarvar sung pasurams in praise of the lord.


how to get here ? 

srivaikuntam is a stop in the thirunelveli – thiruchendur passenger train route

nearby town : srivaikundam, thiruchendur

railway station : srivaikuntam

contact details : 04630 256 476

bhoomi balaka perumal temple ,
thiruppulingudi – 628 620,
thoothukudi district.

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