Mangaiyarkkarasi sametha VedhaPureeswarar temple – Thiruvaedhikudi

Thiruvaedhikudi is a  quaint village about 3.5 kms east of kandiyur in thanjavur district. From thanjavur one can take right on kandiyur to reach this village on thiruvaiyaru road. Other way is to reach this temple from Nedar which is located on kumbakonam thanjavur road. It is about 3 kms from Nedar.

Nearest railway station is pasupathi koil where only passenger trains stop. Express trains stop at Ayyampettai or Thanjavur.Car or van is the best mode of transport to reach this temple. Buses may be very infrequent.

Sung by Appar , GnanaSambandhar
Nearby Town Thanjavur
Distance 12 Kms
Direction East
Address Vedhapureeswarar temple 


Thanjavur District – 613 202

temple layout

A medium sized temple, this is located in the center of the village. A small 3 tier gopuram greets from the east side. Temple pond is straight ahead of the temple. Pond is dry for the most part. Amman sannidhi is located on the outside of the main temple and faces south. Ambal is about 5 to 5.5. feet tall and is beautifully skulpted. 
Once a very neglected and dilapidated temple , it is seeing some renovation lately and is in a decent shape now.
Sanctum is adorned by Vedhapureeswarar also known as Vaazhai madu naathar . A beautiful lingam . An idol of another ambal is kept within the temple. Surrounding the sanctum are the gods Vinayagar ,  Dakshinaamoorthy  , lingorpavar , bramma and durgai.  

Patronage is still very less as it doesnt boast the specialities or parikaram nivarthis that people are after.


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Bramma is said to have worshipped shiva here so it became vaedhi-kudi . vaedhi is bramma .

All the four vedhas are said to have worshipped this place since shiva gave the vedhas to this world. Pillaiyar’s head is tilted towards his side for him to listen to the vedhas.

Sapthasthaanam is the biggest festival here. Nadhikeshwarar who is the son of shiva got married in Thirumazhapaadi . His marriage procession is taken to 7 temples in which are Thiruvaiyaaru , Thiruppazhanam , Thiruchchoetruththurai , Thiruvaedhikudi , Kandiyoor , Thiruppoondhuruththi and Thillaisthaanam. The palanquin carrying Nandhi reaches this temple around evening.
The palanquin is carried in shoulders and not on any motorized vehicles.

Swaami is said to have formed in Plaintain trunk hence also called Vaazhai – Madu naathar. Vaazhai in tamir means Banana .

Sung by Sambandhar and Appar. It is said that woman worshipping the lord here will have their marriage soon.

In the tamir month of Panguni . on dates 14 , 15 and 16 , sunlight falls directly on the lord. From the stone carvings we learn that the temple was worked by Adhithya Chora the first. God is called Parakesari Chathurvaedhi Mangalaththu Mahadhaevar .

nearby temples ..

  1. Thiruchchoetruththurai is 4 kms to the north ( Thevaram ).
  2. Pasupathi koil is about 7 kms to the east on kumbakonam thanjavur road. ( Thevaram ).
  3. Thittai famous for Guru is about 8 kms to the south ( Thevaram )
  4. Kandiyur , one of the ashta veerattaanam temples is about 3.5 kms to the west on the Thiruvaiyaaru – thanjavur road. ( Thevaram )
  5. Thiruppondhuruththi , another sapthasthaanam temple is about 3 kms to the west of kandiyur on the Thanjavur – Thirukkaattuppalli road . Temple is in Thiruppoondhuruththi west ( thevaram ).
  6. Thiruvaalampozhil is 2 kms to the west of Thiruppoondhuruththi on the way to Thirukkaattuppalli ( Thevaram )
  7. Thirukkaattuppalli ( Thevaram ) Agneeswarar temple is 13 kms from Thiruvalampozhil and is located close to Kallanai where Karikalan Choezhan build the stone bridge over 1500 years ago.
  8. Thiruvaiyaaru ( Thevaram ) is 3 kms to the north of Kandiyur after crossing Kudamurutti and Cauvery rivers. It is famous for the Thiyaga raja urchavam which happens on the month of January every year.
  9. Thillaisthanam is also a temple sung in Thevaram and is 2 kms to the west of Thiruvaiyaaru on Thiruvaiyaaru – Thirukkaattuppalli road.
  10. Perumpuliyur ( Thevaram ) is 1.5 kms to the north of Thillaisthanam. This temple has very low visitation.
  11. Thiruppazhanam ( Thevaram ) is 3 kms to the east of Thiruvaiyaaru on Thiruvaiyaaru – Kumbakonam road ..
  12. Thingalur chandran temple is 3 kms to the north of Thiruppazhanam and is one of the navagraha temples. This is a Vaipu sthalam meaning a temple not visited in person by the saints who sung thevaram but sung from another temple.Countless number of temples are scattered within a 20 kms vicinity.

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