sugandha kundalambiga sametha vasishteswarar temple , thittai

vasishteswarar temple is a temple sung in thevaram , about 9 kms from thanjavur in tamir nadu. one can take town buses from thanjavur or get an auto as well. there is a passenger train station in thittai.

thittai is very well known for being a guru sthalam where the guru bhagavan is in his own sannidhi facing south. 

a temple constructed fully using black stones , thittai dates back to 16th century.  the sanctum has a stone known as chandrakantham , which converts dew drops to water and drops it on to the main deity , vasishteswarar.


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during the time of the great deluge , it is said that sirkazhi and thittai were the only two places that did not  drown. thittai in tamir means mound.

when vishnu and brahma worshipped lord shiva , a hum sound was heard and shiva appeared. shiva later directed them to commence creation and blessed them with knowledge to perform their duties.

the place came to be known as kudi thittai. 

guru bhagavan

son of angirasa maharishi , guru is one of the nine planets and a subha graham. in jyotisha sashtra.

it is said when guru blesses, no one can stop. if guru sees a rasi , then there will be a crore benefits. 

he stands alone with weapons and a book facing south. 

temple gets huge crowds during guru peyarchi and chitra pournami. 

tamir sthalapuranam

a screen slide show with tamir sthalapuranam is provided for those who can understand.

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