udahyagiri muthu velayutha swamy temple is located in a big village called malayappalayam about 32 kms from thirupur and 63 kms from coimbatore in thirupur district.

it is a beautiful murugan temple situated on a huge rock formation with less than 100 steps to climb. the idol is said to have been ordered made by businessmen from poombuhar in thanjavur district about 500 years ago who travelled westwards and loved the beauty of the place.


as with other murugan temples , there are sannidhis for kasi viswanathar ( sivan ) , visalakshi , vinayagar , navagrahas and a separate shani sannidhi.

panguni uthiram is the biggest festival celebrated here along with the rest of the kruthigai , sashti , visakam and thaippoosam festivals.

the temple pond ( although in an unclean atmosphere ) is said to have medicinal powers and people place jaggery there to get rid of their skin diseases. 

malayappalayam temple also serves as a parihara sthalam for people suffering from loans/debt and child issues.

sun’s rays fall directly on murugan on chithirai month 14 , 15 and 16th days and huge crowd throngs the temple.

the quaint atmosphere makes it ideal for a day trip and meditation.

temple is open in the morning and evening hours every day.

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