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after a lot of consideration and work , i have decided to revamp templepages completely so it is not the same stale looking website it used to be ( believe me it had a lot of posts added but the layout prevented them from being visible for users ). 

the site will sport a new look and i believe in publishing new information very often as opposed to having all at the very beginning. this will attract more attention from new visitors and existing patrons alike, i guess. 

the site will be both computer and mobile friendly.

in the process , i will be syncing content that i published in the website already with stuff that is posted on facebook exclusively so the site has all the details in its entirety. this means you will see some duplication ( like posts you have seen before posted again ). please bear with me as we transition to the new delivery system and look. i hope you will love the page and enjoy the perspective it brings along different from other providers who give temple related information.

templepages also will publish material on its new twitter channel & youtube channel along with facebook.

a new mobile app is also being developed which i hope will be of great help to patrons.

you will be notified.

thanks a lot


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