karuvalur perumal

sri venkatramana perumal temple , karuvalur

karuvalur is a very small town midway between avinashi and annur in coimbatore region of tamir nadu. it is 40 kms from coimbatore and 25 kms from thirupur.

it is home to 3 famous temples , karuvalur mariyamman , shivan and vishnu temples. 

legend of karuvalur

karuvalur got its name from a shaivaite legend. when sundharar prayed to shiva in avinashi to bring back the dead son of a devotee who had been consumed by crocodile a few years ago , he found the avinashi temple tank dry.  

to answer his prayers , shiva made black clouds appear over karuvalur ( means the town where black clouds formed ) which is 10 kms from avinashi which is upstream on nallaaru river and made them pour heavily. 

water then was carried over by nallaru river and filled avinashi temple tank. in that the crocodile which took the life of the small boy appeared and spit back the son alive. 

perumal ( vishnu ) legend

a 1200 year old temple, this perumal temple was constructed by all 3 great tamir kings using a nava-pashana material. it means nine poisonous materials when mixed in right composition yields a magical compound which has amazing powers. this can be related to the murugan idol of parani. 

when thieves once tried to scrap the idol to get the material , it is said the perumal made the idols bleed. seeing this the bandits apologized and left the place alone. 

it is a rare sight when milk abishekam is performed on the lord , it turns yellow. 

worshipping the lord is said to relieve one from the doshams of 9 planets.

please visit this beautiful temple and get blessed. shivan temple and mariyamman temple are nearby which we will post another day.

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