madhurabaashini sametha dhevapureeswarar temple , thevur

thevur is a small village 6 kms from keevalur which is on thiruvarur – nagappattinam road in nagappattinam district of tamir nadu. it is on the bus route from nagappattinam to thiruthuraippoondi via kachchanam.  one can see the temple from the road.

this temple is surrounded on 4 sides with local village deities which protect the village.
about 8 kms from thevur is the famous sikkal singaravelar temple.

nearby town : thiruvarur

railway station : keezhvelur
contact details : 91- 4366 – 276 113, +91-94862 78810
address : sri deva pureeswarar temple,
thevur – 611 109, tiruvarur district

architecture and temple layout

a medium sized temple built in maadakkoil style by kochengat chozhan.

temple is kept in good condition. overall architecture and layout can be seen from the photos in the photos section below.

temple legend aka sthalapuranam

devas like kuberan , indran and bruhaspathi worshipped the lord here and hence the name devapureeswarar. another name is kadhalivanam owing to the banana tree that is the sthala vruksham.

a swayambu lingam whose age cannot be determined adores the sanctum.

guru , aka jupiter is said to have to worship lord shiva. shiva became the guru of guru. goddess is called madhurabaashini in sanskrit and thenmozhiyammai in tamir. the temple tank to the south is called dheva theertham. it is said that the devas came and bathed here before worshipping the lord.

the temple tree is special that it grows on stone and not on sand. it is called kal-vazhai . devas worshipped shiva with the banana from this tree.

when pandavas were in agngyatha vaasam , they spent time in king viraata’s palace in disguise. king viraata came to thevur and worshipped shiva . his son uthra also came with him. he built a temple called uthresamudaiyar temple and it is at some distance from the main temple.

this is also one of the ‘maadak koyil’ built by kochengatchoran. the story of why he built such temples is in the thiruvanaikkaval sthalapuranam. he built 70 such temples which elephants cannot climb.

an asura named vrudrasura was casting a lot of hardship and trouble to dewas. he was killed by indra and as a result indra was afflicted with brahmahathi dosham. he couldnt get rid of the dosham any place else and then indra came to this place finally and worshipped lord devpuriswara and finally got rid of it.

there is a special sunday we called indreshwara lingam in the prakaram which was worshipped by indra.

kubera lost his wealth and the keepers of his wealth sanganidhi and padumanidhi to ravana. kubera came to devur and worshipped the lord who got back the wealth to kubera.

hanuman on his way to lanka came to devur , worshipped the lord and got shiva’s blessings. he blesses devotees as rudra-anjaneya facing south towards lanka.

festivals and other details

worshipped by all sambandhar in thevaram .

temple is open from 7 to 12 pm and from 4 to 8 pm. thiruvadhirai and shivarathri are celebrated with vigor.


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