aanandhavalli sametha sivanandhaeswarar temple , thirukkandalam (thirukkallil) , thiruvalloor district, tamir nadu


Thirukkandalam ( ThirukkaLLil in old times ) is about 40 km north west of Chennai in South India and is very close to the Andhra Pradesh state border.

This temple can be reached by road from chennai and has connectivity from ThiruvaLLoor also. This Temple is located very close to the famous temple of PeriyaPalayam and SuruttappaLLi  shiva temple.

Bus number 58 from Chennai Broadway goes to this temple. Other buses 92, 123, 124, 125 go up to Kannigaippaer which is about 4 km from the temple. One can either hire an auto or another vehicle to go to the temple.

temple layout

Once a very dilapidated temple , this temple has come a long way and now it has been renovated and is looking very good and is being very well-maintained these days.

A small temple, this has a sanctum tower (vimana) which represents the back off an elephant. The temple priest is 102-year-old elderly man whose vigor and enthusiasm is beyond his age and is able to perform the daily duties to the fullest.

The main deity lord Shivanandhaeswara and goddess Aanandhavalli are enshrined in two separate sannidhis. This temple faces east and the beautiful temple pond is right outside the temple and is used by the villagers for daily chores.


agasthyar worship

when lord Shivas marriage with Parvathi happened in Kailash mountain , entirety of celestial gods assembled there to enjoy the occasion. This caused the upper part of the earth tilt down and the southern lower part to rise up.
The great sage Agasthiyar who came to the occasion was told by lord Shiva to go to the southern part of the earth to balance the globe. Though Agasthiyar was happy that he was entrusted with the great responsibility , he was disappointed that he couldnt be there to see the marriage.
Lord told him that he will be shown the marriage at an appropriate time.

Agasthiyar at a later time comes to a nearby town called Panchaesthi meaning the place where 5 rituals were performed and performs 5 rituals.

On that night the lord came in his dreams as Soemaskandha and tells him to come to Thirukkandalam . When Agasthiyar shows up here the next day , he was surprised and overwhelmed with joy that the temple itself is in Soemaskandha roopam ( form ). Then it is said that the lord shown him his marriage in kailash and blessed him .

Lava Kusa

Lord Rama’s sons lava and kusa were living near this place. Once when Rama sent his victory horse for performing his Aswamedha yagna , the kids seized the horse when it came near their dwelling.

Not seeing the horse , Rama sent his brother Lakshmana to trace it. Lakshmana found the horse at Siruvapuri about a few kilometers from this place and fought the children not knowing who they are.

He lost the war and having known that Rama himself is said to have come to fight the children. He loses the war as well. The place the kids tied arrow to the bow is called Siruvarambedu. Siruvar + Ambu + Edu in tamir language means the place where the kids tied the arrow.

It is said that after the victory , the kids took a bath at Kuchasthalai river and came here to ThirukkaLLil temple to worship the Lord. They were blessed the story goes…


Sambandhar after worshipping Thiruvalangadu was on his way to Kalahasthi when he decided to take a holy dip on the Kuchasthalai river for doing his daily rituals. He laid his worship materials and holy ash kit on the banks of the river before getting into the river. Lord stole them and kept them with him. When Sambandhar came to this temple , he was surprised and joyful to see his belongings were next to the Lord. He sang Thevaram songs in praise of the Lord before heading to Kalahasthi.

tamir sthalapuranam

Bruhu Rishi

Sage Bruhu worshipped the lord with a 1000 KaLLi flowers everyday and thats how this place got its name. It is said that lord gave him darshan in the form of Dakshinamoorthy. This is a unique legend particular to this temple.

Lots of Stone Relics from the Chera , Choezha , Pandiya and VijayaNagara times are in praise of the lord and talk about  how land was given for temple activities and maintenance. 

nearby temples

    1. PeriyaPalayam , very famous for its Mari Amman is about 10 kms to the North this temple 
    2. SuruttappaLLi shiva temple is about 20 kms  away and it is very unique in the sense that lord shiva lies down just like in Vishnu temples and  is said to be  in that  pose to prevent the  poison that came from the  Amrutha excercise  from going inside. It is said that here Parvathi got a hold of his neck to stop the poison and then asked him to lie down horizontally. So Pradhoesham is very famous in this temple.
    3. Thiruvotriyoor , a northern suburb of Madras is about 30 kms away
    4. KaalaHasthi a very well known temple in Andhra Pradhesh is about 75 kms.
    5. Countless number of temples both sung in thevaram and in Vaishnavite songs are distributed in the Madras city vicinity. 

contact details

    Sivanandhaeswarar Temple
    Thirukkandalam Post
    Via Kannigaiper , 601 103

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