raja rajeswarar temple , kadakadappai , thajavur outskirts

a temple belonging to chora period in ruins. urgent action required

kadakadappai temple is mentioned as a saptha sthanam temple belonging to thanjavur saptha sthanam heritage. it is now a very small temple not bigger than a 2 bed room house just to give a comparison.

the temple is neglected and is at the end of a dilapidated agraharam in a small village called kadakadappai on the outskirts of thanjavur. there is no one in the neighborhood to even tell us about the temple or its sthalapuranam. bats are aplenty and are calling it home. 

a new bypass that is being constructed runs thru this temple land and is about to be demolished , i heard. when i saw this temple 4 months ago, it seems that the bypass was running about 10 meters away from the temple but new video suggests it is right on the temple entrance. 

please let know each and everyone you know who might be in a position to save this ancient shiva temple.

here  is the google map to pinpoint its location. sadly not even people of thanjavur know about this temple. 


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