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Bharath or India as is known is synonymous with holyness despite ruthless invasions from outsiders who denigrated it. One of the outlets of such holyness are the great temples that stretch from Kashmir to KanyaKumari. They were built and rebuilt from 1st milennia until the 19th century. Saints sung beautiful hymns in paraise of the gods taking the glory of temples to great heights. These wonders stand even today , few in good shape and the rest in a very neglected and dilapidated state hidden in remote villages. We will look into such old , magnificient temples in south india . Many of us aspire to visit them but unfortunately do not know their whereabouts or stories behind. The purpose of this website is to provide visitors with such details to help them rediscover glory. Visiting these magnificient works of art which are in the verge of destruction will not only put them in the due light again , but also help the dependents survive and keep their interests intact so future generations will have them.
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