nishkalank-mahadev mandir , koliyak, bhavnagar district, gujarath

nishkalank mahadev mandir is in  a small beach town called the koliyak about 17 kms from  bhavnagar in gujarat.

this temple is in the midst of the ocean about 300 yards from the beach.
there is a square platform where the 5 shiva lingas installed by the pancha pandavas can be seen.

the legend goes as follows…

pandavas, after killing the kauravas where stricken with grief and went to lord krishna to suggest a  way to overcome anxiety and attain redemption.

krishna told them that he would give them a black flag and a black cow and told them to follow them until they turned white & do penance to shiva after that. the brothers followed the cow and flag for a long time and it is at this place koliyak, the cow and the flag turned white. delighted, the pandavas went on to meditate lord shiva as told by krishna and shiva appeared as 5 lingams in front of the five brothers. the brothers worshipped each of the lingam and installed them on the square platform and this temple came into existence.

today the temple exists amidst high tide and the temple is covered with water most of the time and recedes during low tide. a table is given with the tide timings so that devotees can plan their pilgrimage accordingly.

a video of the temple is available in our youtube channel at

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