mangalambika sametha sivanandeeswarar temple

thiruppandurai this is an ancient temple sang in thevaram on the banks of arasalaru on the way from nachiarkoil to poonthottam in thanjavur district. it is 14 kilometres from kumbakonam.


known as penu perundurai in ancient texts, this temple is where murugan worshipped shiva to be relieved of his depression which arose out of the fact that he imprisoned brahma for a brief time when he overtook creation himself.

causing disrespect to an elder was his main concern so he approached vishnu and asked for atonement.

vishnu told him to install a shiva lingam and worship. he did so in a place called saenganur but his problem won’t go away. so he travelled along the banks of arasalar and came to thirupandurai.

murugan who almost lost his speech as he kept to himself for a long time due to his depression regained his speech and worshipped the lord.  shiva blessed his child restoring him to his glory.

this is a powerful parikara sthalam for people who have stammer or born dumb.

thiruppandhurai has been sung in thevaram by sambandhar.

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