soundharanaayagi sametha pushpavaneswarar temple , thiruppoonthuruthi

thiruppoonthuruthi is  a small village 4 kms west of kandiyur on kadiyur – kallanai road in thanjavur district. it is one of the famous saptha sthaana sthalams. 

there are two thiruppoonthuruthis , one is mela (west) thiruppoonthuruthi and the other is keera (east) thiruppoonthuruthi. temple is in keera thiruppoonthuruthi. 

a big temple with 3 prakarams. salient features are a nandhi which gave way to worshippers and sambandhar who wouldnt dare to enter the village because saint appar has done ‘uravaarappani’ ( temple upkeep) here  and dakshinamurthy with veena in his hand.

priest’s number 948 667 1417 


worshipped by indran ,vishnu , lakshmi  and sooryan.

one legend says that this temple is protruding between kudamurutti and kavery rivers and hence it is given the name thiruppoonthuruthi. thuruthi in means the land thats jutting out. the adjective ‘poo’ is added since this place was a big flower garden.

flowers are supplied for the saptha sthanam festival here.

it is said that kaali worshipped the lord to get rid of the mahisha dosham for killing mahishasura here.

sage kaashyapa brought ganga water in the temple well to perform abishekam to the lord.

this temple is known for ‘pithru saaba nivarthi’ , meaning it cures troubles arising out from ancestral issues.

this is where appar , one of the thevaram saints hid underneath the palanquin to carry sambandhar , another saint. appar also sung many hymns in praise of the lord during his stay here. the place where he stayed is still here called appar matam.

thiruppoonthuruthi dates back to about 1600 years. it must have existed before that. cauvery flows to the north of the temple and kudamurutti to the south.

other temples which form the saptha sthanam heritage are kandiyur , thiruvedhikudi , thiruvaiyaru , thirupparanam , thiruchchotruthurai and thillaisthanam . 

the tamir sthalapuram is provided below as an image slideshow.

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